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If you work as journalist, you need to be so that strong. Working as a journalist is not such an easy to do. We need to be brave and critical. If we do not have the critical mind, how can we criticize the condition of our society? Then, if we are not brave, how can we try hard to get the information for the news that we are going to write? Well, in this case, braveness and critical mind are the things that we really need to have.

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Best way to promote your videos and build your social rank

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Choose a Plasma TV Tips

Plasma TVGone are the days when CRTs were the default choice as far as television technology was concerned. In fact, today we have a problem of plenty with a range of display technologies ranging from LCD, LED to Plasma TVs. All these new technologies fall in the ‘Flat Screen’ variety. A superior technology to CRTs and a comparable one to LCDs is the plasma display technology. The modern tech lingo related to televisions which includes words like ‘High-Definition’ (though nobody cares to define what that means!), contrast ratio, 1080p or 780p or 1080i can only serve to confuse the non-techie consumer.

About Plasma TVs
Such a television screen is made up of thousands of tiny cells each filled with non reacting noble gases like Neon and Xenon, which emit ultraviolet light on the application of an electric potential across them. This ultraviolet light excites the red, green and blue phosphor coatings on cells, causing them to emit light in the red, green and blue frequencies (the component frequencies that form all colors) to make a single color pixel on screen.

Each of these cells are supplied with varying amount of electrical voltages through a grid, to create a high quality picture, pieced together by every one of the individual cell’s light output. Hence, these televisions are capable of emitting a high luminosity picture. Contrast ratio is a ratio of the brightest white and blackest black color that a television set can produce.

Compared to LCD displays, plasma TVs provide richer black colors, due to their high contrast ratio. These TVs can be manufactured in particularly large sizes, which the highest diagonal sizes being greater than 100 inches. Unlike LCD displays whose viewing angle is limited, another advantage of having this TV set is the greater viewing angle it provides, up to 160°.

Choosing a Plasma TV
When choosing one, you must compare the most important specifications of the products that are on offer in the market. Here are the prime features you need to look out for.

Size Matters
First and foremost, size is an essential feature to check out. According to the size of the room where you plan to install, you must know what your viewing distance will be. These TVs come with a diagonal size starting from around 30 inches or lesser to more than 100 inches. For any plasma TV with size exceeding 30 inches, the viewing distance has to be in excess of 8 feet. For screen sizes in excess of 40 inches, it has to be 9 to 10 feet. Otherwise, at a short distance, the picture may seem slightly pixelated. So, take the viewing distance into consideration while buying one.

It’s all About Resolution
These television sets come in various resolutions, ranging from 1024×1024, 1024×768, 1366×768 to 1920×1080. These can be primarily divided into 720p and 1080p resolutions. The best choice among all these is 1080p (1920×1080), as it can provide the highest clarity and is ideal if you are using it with gaming consoles and DVD players. The 1080p resolution is what you call ‘High-Definition’, as it provides amazing picture quality. Also, look for surround sound systems with high wattage speakers.

HDMI Connectivity & Other Features
Other than size and resolution, look for HDMI connectivity in particular, as it lets you connect laptop and desktop computers with it. HDMI cables provide high quality audio and video signals. Look for wall mount attachments, if you plan to hang it on a wall. Other than that, USB connectivity, built in satellite TV compatibility, etc. are some of the other things to look out for.

To summarize all that was discussed, when you are looking for a plasma TV, the prime features to look out for are its size and resolution. Other than that, features like HDMI and VGA connectivity, surround sound, DVD and game console compatibility are other things to look out for. Some of the best brands to look out for are Samsung, LG, Philips and Panasonic. Once again I would suggest that you take the viewing distance into consideration while buying large screen (30 inch plus) TV sets.


Money Saving When Purchasing Home Appliances

Electronic Home AppliancesWhen buying home appliances, if you are paying in cash, the initial cost for purchasing them will require a substantial amount of money. If you opt for financing the purchase, monthly payments, including the interest, will have to be paid for an extended length of time. Plus, you will also have to pay for the operating costs that you will incur monthly.

Given below are a few tips on how to save money when purchasing home appliances:

-Before actually buying something, ask yourself if you really need it. You’ll be surprised at how bringing it into focus like this will often lead to you giving up on the idea of actually spending money on getting a clothes dryer or an automatic dishwasher you may have been vaguely thinking about getting for yourself.
-When you shop for new household appliances, it is a good idea to read the information given on the energy guide labels, which are mandatory on items like water heaters, furnaces, refrigerator-cum-freezers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, and air-conditioners. These labels will tell you the estimated cost of operating them annually. Compare various models and makes of the home appliance you require in order to find out which would cost less to operate. The amount you save on the operating costs over its life could be quite considerable. If these savings are invested, you could draw a substantial interest from them.
-You should also take into consideration the prices of the different models and makes. For instance, check if the price of the energy efficient automatic defrosting refrigerator-cum-freezer is more than the one that is not as energy efficient. And then, calculate if the cost of operating it over the life of the appliance will be greater than the difference in the purchasing price. In a nutshell, choose the model and make that will give you the best financial deal.
-Sometimes, it may be cheaper to replace a particular appliance than getting it repaired. Decide what you think will be the most financially advantageous.
-When you compare prices while shopping, find out the trade-in amount you will get for your used gadget. Sell it if you find that you will get more by selling it instead of trading it in.
-Don’t rush, buy it immediately, and pay its full price. Instead, wait to buy it on sale. Most appliances are put on sale some time or the other in the year. It would mean saving as much as 10-25%, perhaps even more.
-Never hesitate or be embarrassed to haggle or bargain. You could be surprised at the amount of discount you could get.
As a rule of thumb, never buy on impulse. Home appliances are costly items, and that is why you need to give it considerable time and thought before actually making the purchase so that you buy exactly what you require at the best price possible.
-When purchasing a home appliance, don’t head first for the models that are the most expensive. Instead, check out the models at the lowest price range. Although these models will be basic, without any of the ‘extra frills’, they may suit your requirements quite adequately. In case they do not, then check the models in the next price range, and carry on likewise, until you find the gadget that you feel is just what you have been looking for. If you begin with the models in the topmost price range, you may end up buying something with features you really do not need, and yet you will have paid more.
-When shopping for used or new appliances, look around, and compare prices at several places, like appliance stores, online outlets, garage sales, auctions, thrift shops, home remodeling businesses, appliance and furniture warehouses, rental shops, departmental stores, as well as the bulletin boards where you live or work. In addition, find out from friends and acquaintances if they or anyone else they know are selling a particular appliance. The more avenues you look in, the higher the chances of you finding what you are looking for at a lower price than you would have to pay otherwise.


Guide for Buying a Computer

Guide for Buying a ComputerToday, computer has become an integral part of our lives. We are dependent on this technological marvel for most of the things. An individual spends most of the part of his day sitting on a computer, either at workplace for productivity, or at home for entertainment. Several types of computers are available in the market today, ranging from palmtops to desktops. Though the latter has been here for a couple of decades now, it is still a favorite when it comes to all round use.

Guide to Buy a Computer

Some desktop computers have a good data storage capacity, while some have a better RAM. Some sport a sleek design, while some offer loads of extras in terms of features. With all these options available, choosing the one that is ideal for you, is bound to be a tough task.

Budget and Usage
The foremost thing to asses is your capacity to spend; you surely wouldn’t want to overspend on buying a computer, paying extra cash for features which you would never use. The purpose is yet another important aspect. If you just have to check mails or access the Internet for entertainment, even a simple computer will be more than enough. However, if you want a computer to run a web-based business, you will require an advanced computer. A simple computer will cost you less than what its technologically advanced counterpart would. Therefore, depending on the need, you have to decide which PC to buy and how much are you willing to spend.

Hard Disk and RAM
Yet another crucial aspect you need to consider, is the size of its hard drive, which will indirectly affect its storage capacity. If you plan to store a huge amount of digital data, such as pictures, music, movies, and various software programs, then you will need a hard drive with larger capacity. The RAM (random access memory) of the computer affects its processing speed. Word processing operations require much less RAM than other software programs. Having a good capacity RAM will make sure that your computer works smoothly for a long time.

Computer Hardware
You can also consider choosing the shape and size of the monitor depending on your usage. Buying wide-screen monitors has become a popular trend today, as the large screen facilitates their use for longer duration without straining the eyes. If you are into multitasking, desktop PC with dual monitor configuration is an ideal choice. Depending on your convenience you can choose keyboard, mouse, connecting cables, and speakers. Ergonomic and wireless models of keyboards and mouse are becoming more and more popular today. Buying a CPU with extra bays can be advantageous, as it will offer you the facility of expanding the computer capability by adding additional drives and ports, instead of going for a new model.

Security and Model Reliability
If you plan to use your computer for surfing the Internet, you will have to invest some amount in PC security. High quality anti-virus and anti-spyware programs can help you to keep your computer safe from malicious programs. Many companies provide these products on a free-trial basis with a new computer. Buy desktop PC from a reliable dealer and ensure that you have researched well about the product before you buy it. Cross check the documents stating warranty, guarantee, and return policy. Go through customer reviews and queries about the particular model on renowned publications.

In the age of technology, computer is an important tool in our day-to-day life, so buying a desktop which is ideal for you and your family will be very important.

Software Load Testing with Cloud 

If you are switching over to cloud solutions, you should be aware of the performance of applications. Cloud-based applications should go through the testing so that the reliability will be assessed and services are fine-tuned to fulfill your needs. IT services are transformed through the cloud technology and ‘computing’ is offered as utility. There is … Continue reading “Software Load Testing with Cloud “

If you are switching over to cloud solutions, you should be aware of the performance of applications. Cloud-based applications should go through the testing so that the reliability will be assessed and services are fine-tuned to fulfill your needs. IT services are transformed through the cloud technology and ‘computing’ is offered as utility. There is great change in the hardware as well as software landscape. There will be better agility with cloud solutions.


Performance testing is also called as load testing, tuning and monitoring in the cloud. The responsiveness of the application, utilization of resources and throughput are considered as performance parameters. There will be great benefits through web-based as well as mobile applications.

As you subscribe for office365 business, you will understand that scalability is the important feature in cloud services. You will get access to the power of hundreds of thousands of computers connected to the cloud. There will be great enhancement in the performance of the application.

To assess the performance of cloud solutions, load testing tools should be deployed. Cloud-specific approach should be implemented so that internal as well as external applications will be tested very efficiently. How to get sharepoint services? If you are aware of the performance and consistency of cloud services, you can subscribe to the most appropriate service without any issues.

Benefits of performance testing

There are certain benefits associated with cloud performance testing. A subset of production applications and data sets will be testing during the internal testing. The same principle is applied while testing the cloud performance. There will be multiple users at the global level. The number of concurrent users will be taken into consideration while performing the test.

The testing and staging applications will be verified through the cloud-based performance. The production applications will also be tested in this process. The number of users, data sets and other parameters will vary on a continuous basis.

Regression testing

You can go through the website, http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/ to understand about various kinds of cloud solutions. You can take help of cloud-experts so that your concerns will be addressed very efficiently.

Cloud-based testing will be conducted in a different way and it will be done as per the changing needs. The performance is the biggest challenge in the application lifecycle management. The test should be conducted appropriately so that the performance will be assessed in the best possible way.

The software load testing in cloud will be different from laboratory testing. The testing will be done against the actual number of users that may hit your site. The testing will be done on global scale. You can find more information on the website, http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/.

Best cloud solutions

If you would like to migrate to cloud solutions, it is very much important to choose the best service provider. The tie-up between citrix and Microsoft is poised to deliver best services to customers. You can choose a plan as per your convenience after going through the citrix xendesktop pricing on the website.

The cloud testing will be done globally and production apps will also go through the testing. If you are subscribing to ‘testing as a service’ you should be aware of the price plans. You will want to pay for the vendor based on the usage of the tool. You should be aware of the hidden costs as well and figure the total costs so that there will not be any ambiguity.

Before moving to public cloud, you should be aware of various challenges. The service provider will implement the best strategy so that the data will not land into wrong hands. You should also implement the best encryption technologies so that transactions will be carried out very safely.

You are advised to visit the official website before choosing the best cloud hosting partner. It is very much important to implement the best strategy so that the cloud migration will be successful. Employees will be able to access data from various locations by using various devices without any issues.

By working on tested and proven solutions, you will overcome many challenges. The end user will be benefited when the organization implements highly sophisticated cloud solutions. When you are aware of cloud testing and performance in public environment, you can take the best decision without any issues.

Experience And Enjoys The Different Variety Flavors

Electronic cigarettes is became more familiar among many countries, comparing to the ordinary smoking method this one is has no harmful ingredients. This replaced the old smoking methods and totally fits into your budget. The slender and stylish looks of it attracts many, you can able to carry it easily anywhere. Vaping do not create too much of smoke or smell like the ordinary one, ingredients that are used on it contains less amount of toxins so there will be no threatening side effects are seen on it. Clinically this one is proven very safe to use, people can use it in two ways like mouth and in lung, based on the method users need to make necessary changes on the top or tip of it.

104Choose the highest quality ingredient liquid seller

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Only natural ingredients are seen on this liquid no artificial colours or other agents are added here to improve their taste. All the orders will be reached the clients very fast with the help of express shipping method and no need pay any separate cost for the shipping it is totally free. If the order cost is less than a hundred dollar on that case certain amount of shipping cost will be collected from the customers. In order to avoid it buy liquids in wholesale this saves your time and money. The large numbers of sold flavors are black cherry, tobacco, strawberry and raspberry only. Almost in all the company they are proving the good customer service after all it is the key to attract large number of customers towards them.

Filling the liquid on your electronic cigarette are very easy process anyone can handle it without much difficulty. Whenever you are switching to the new flavor clean your instrument with water this avoids the mixed tastes. If you find any defective or damaged piece during your delivery only on that case you can able to return the product. Damaged products will not possible here only in very rare situations these mistakes happen. Professional package helps to save your product from damages so this avoids many complications. Almost in all the sites money refund is not possible even with proper receipts, but your damaged one will be replaced with new ones.

How to choose a GPS navigator

GPS navigatorIn order to get lost, having a good GPS navigator with you, you need to make plenty of efforts, indeed. As a rule, no one can do it since the electronic assistant will always take you to the right place. The main thing is to make the right choice when buying a GPS navigator for your car.

How does a GPS Navigator work?

Before getting a GPS navigator for your beloved Nissan Murano or any other car that you have, it is desirable to have at least a general idea of how it works. This device uses the Global Positioning System to determine the coordinates. The system consists of a group of navigation satellites, from which the navigator receives special signals, decodes the data and calculates its current (and your) location. Satellites should be within sight of the device, and there should be few of them.

Therefore, the accuracy of positioning your current location depends, among other things, on the nature of the terrain. For example, in the basement, in the garage or in a very narrow street with apartment blocks the signal from the satellite to the navigator may simply not be reached. The weather has its impact as well as clouds and the rain prevent the positioning accuracy.

Types of navigators
At the moment, the assortment of GPS navigators is quite extensive. Below you can see the main types of them.

Car GPS navigators
Such navigators are usually equipped with large displays, which are designed for a comfortable navigation while driving in a car. Dimensions of such navigators do not interfere with their comfortable use because the exploitation takes place in the “stationary” conditions.

Pedestrian Navigators
These tiny devices are the assistants for tourism enthusiasts. They weigh little; have a comfortable body shape and a capacious battery. For the sake of ease of use, the manufacturers of these devices have to sacrifice a large screen and many additional features.

Universal navigators
These navigators are the “golden mean” between the two types listed above. These models can be used in cars (as they are large enough). At the same time, they are quite compact, so that you can go for a walk with them.

What should you pay attention to when buying a navigator?

A navigator has a long list of features and specifications. The main of them are the two criteria, on which the choice of GPS navigators is usually based:

The display size – this parameter depends on the overall usability of the device. The parameter affects the browsing comfort and overall dimensions / weight. On the big screen (5 inches and more), you can clearly see some interface elements and it is easier to click on them. The route and the map themselves are more visible too.

A user-friendly interface – the “apprehensibility” of icons and their size, convenient modes of autorotation of the map while moving and scaling are very important. A good navigator should be intuitive and easy to use.

Summing up, we hope you liked our article and now you will consider getting a navigator if you need one. We also would like to point out that GPS navigators are supported by technically any car like Nissan Maxima, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and many more.

How is Cloud Dependency Growing in Mobile Devices?

There is massive growth in the tablet PC and smartphone market among enterprise workers. As more and more information and data now resides in the cloud, the cloud dependency on mobile devices is growing at a fast pace. It makes it easier and faster to access almost all kinds of data. There are so many ways mobile applications and devices have become so important to the growth of cloud adoption.

Early Examples of Mobile Platform Adoption

There is a general trend in the early adopters of cloud services who want to launch different mobile applications for use by their staff. There has been a significant boost in the following areas:

  • CRM tools – Contact management and sales management
  • Supply chain management tools – Inventory management, asset tracking and much more
  • Human resources tools – Tracking time and expenses
  • ERP tools – Invoice generation, asset and order management

Microsoft cloud-based solutions are mobile friendly and are changing the way enterprises are adopting mobile cloud applications. CloudAppsPortal.com is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider that addresses your cloud-solution needs.

Anywhere, Any-Device Access

Most organizations now realize the importance of accessibility to data and applications from different devices including mobile. As a business you cannot have control over the device preferences of your end users. One of your departments may prefer using Mac. Another department may want to work on PCs. Your sales and marketing teams may want to access all applications, reports and presentations on their smartphone or tablet. A Virtual Desktop Provider provides you hosted desktop solutions that allow data and application access from any device, helping in boosting your organizational productivity. You will also not have to worry about downtime even if a device fails. Your teams can access the documents and applications from any other mobile device.

SharePoint Online & Mobile Compatibility

SharePoint Online is the next step in the SharePoint success story, allowing your workforce and even your clients to access your data and applications from any mobile device. This cloud-based solution from Microsoft works with different SharePoint mobile apps. These apps are compatible with a wide range of devices including:

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • iPhones and iPads
  • Windows Phone

Your teams may be working from remote location. They may be on the go most of the time. SharePoint Online allows them to work on any compatible device from anywhere. Microsoft offers different SharePoint Online Pricing plans so that you can choose one that ideally suits your organization’s size and needs.

Office 365 Enterprise & Mobile Advantages

Office 365 Enterprise E3 is another incredible offer by Microsoft that takes Office functionality to most of the mobile devices. It further allows you workforce to work on familiar environments on any device and from any location. Office Enterprise E3 makes it easy to find files instantly. It also offers various features including in-place legal hold and archive fro simplifying your organization’s compliance requirements. Besides, its sophisticated data protection systems help ensure that you don’t have to worry about the security of your data. The cloud-based solution also offers more IT flexibility and control while at the same time reducing the overheads.

Apps4Rent is a leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and it is highly recommended to purchase Microsoft’s cloud-based solutions from this CSP. They offer much more than the product while charging the same as the company. When you buy SharePoint Online or Office 365 Enterprise E3 from them, you will be getting migration assistance. This will be followed by 24x7x365 end-user support from phone, email and live chat. If you purchase directly from Microsoft, you will be getting limited end-user support via phone. The company covers only a few numbers of issues on its protocol list and only a designated admin is allowed to contact. On the other hand, when you buy from a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP, you will be getting complete end-user support without paying anything extra.

How to Buy the Best Digital Camera

Today, photography as a profession has grown leaps and bounds and has seen major growth in terms of creativity and experimentation by the photographers. Digital cameras are now the most sought after items not only among the professionals, but also among the individuals who need it for personal use.

Manufacturers are coming up with various kinds of digital cameras in order to tempt all their potential customers. The wide variety of products available can make it very difficult for the buyers to choose the right product. Besides, with the ever-changing market and new models always being introduced and different brands being launched, it becomes a very tedious task for the buyer, when it comes to the product comparison. One ends up spending hours or even months deciding on choosing the right product, only to realize that there is an upgraded model available! What should one do in such a situation? Read the following tips.


-Know the reason or the purpose behind this purchase. Do not fall for the trap of flashy advertisements and big discounts. The digital camera could be needed for professional reasons or could be purely personal. If your reasons are professional, know whether it would be for indoor or outdoor photography. You could be into portraits, landscapes, nature or fashion photography. Would you be using it more in bright light or low light? The size of the camera also holds importance, as it should be easy to carry.
Next, you have to decide whether you will be printing the shots. If so, determine the size of the prints. Would you be requiring large shots or normal prints? Larger images need a higher resolution. The purpose of the purchase would in turn help you to know the resolution you would require.
-Make a check whether you already own any compatible gear for the camera. Make a comparison with the gear available with various models and what you have at home. You might already have certain lenses, batteries, flashes, and filters. Ensure you do not spend extra on the purchase of such items.
-By trying some comparisons between two products, or brands, you can make a logical decision on buying the appropriate product.
Yet another important feature of a digital camera is the memory card. There are many brands that have tempting offers with regards to the memory card.
-When you’re comparing different models, you will often come across the different zooms being talked about. There is the ‘optical zoom’ and the second one is the ‘digital zoom’. It is very necessary that you consider which zoom lens would suit your requirement and then look for the right product accordingly.
-Go online or check out the latest magazines on photography. Here, you can get to know about the best options available and also get a fair comparison between different models and brands. Update yourself with the latest reviews and you can even go online and visit websites that let you read views and opinions from expert photographers.
-Try to get a practical hands-on experience of the digital cameras. Visit the reputed local shops and ask for the specific model and get a feel of the model. This would also help you arrive at a concrete conclusion.

LCD Vs. LED Vs. Plasma

Let’s start with taking a brief look at the technologies that are used in these TVs. LCD TVs use liquid crystal to display pictures, hence the name – Liquid Crystal Display. In LCD panels, the liquid crystal gets activated when an electric current is applied to it, but unlike CRT displays, produce no light of their own. Hence to see the picture, a light source is needed, which, in LCD TVs, comes in the form of CCFLs, or Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. In LED TVs, the display panel remains an LCD panel, but the mode of backlighting changes to LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. Plasma, on the other hand, uses a sheet of individual plasma cells, which get activated when electric current is applied. Thus if you have noticed, there are only LCD and plasma panels, with LED TVs using LCD panels with LEDs as a light source.

Comparing LCD, LED, and Plasma TVs

If you are looking to buy a new television set, chances are that you will have to choose from LCD, LED, or plasma TVs. These are the most common TV sets in the market these days, and while there is no clear favorite, a few points do put one ahead of the other.

The following paragraphs mention the most important factors that you should take into account to make an informed decision while buying a TV.

1. Contrast Ratio

Plasma TVs


Contrast ratio is the difference between the blackest or darkest part of the picture, and the whitest or brightest part of the picture. To display pictures properly, a high contrast ratio is desirable. A good contrast ratio shows the differences between the darker and lighter areas of the screen remarkably well.

It is a well-accepted fact that plasma TVs generally have better contrast ratios than LCD and LED TVs. This is because plasma TVs have individual plasma cells, which automatically turn themselves off on the darker parts of the screen. LCD TVs, on the other hand, have a single liquid crystal, and when the TV has to show dark pictures, the CCFL backlight of the LCD only dims itself, making the blacks very unconvincing. LCD TVs powered with LED backlight have a slight edge as individual LEDs twist themselves into an ‘off’ position in the dark parts of the screen, thus giving a more convincing black than LCD TVs.

2. Viewing Angle

Plasma TVs


Viewing angle refers to the angle from which the image on the TV can be viewed. Since all viewers may not be able to sit right in front of the TV and may have to sit around it, the viewing angle parameter becomes very important.

Plasma screens again take top honors when it comes to viewing angles. In plasma TVs all the pixels are lit, hence the image on the screen can be viewed with same clarity from almost any angle. In LCD screens, the quality of the image drops drastically as the viewing angle increases. LED TVs with local dimming fare slightly better than LCD screens, but come nowhere close to the angles achieved by plasma TVS.

3. Color

Plasma TVs


The reproduction of the color in a captured image is also an important parameter that needs to be taken into consideration while comparing these TVs. The goal is to reproduce colors that are as close to original as possible.

In color reproduction, there is a very narrow margin of difference between the three technologies. Plasma TVs hold a slight advantage over LCD and LED TVs, as even though LCD screens reproduce images that are closest to the original, they seem washed out. Typically, as LED TVs are brighter, thanks to the backlight, they tend to produce images that seem over-saturated. A point that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that there are LED TVs with RGB colored backlight systems available, and these are probably the best of the lot. However, they are not very common, and tend to be very expensive as well.

4. Motion

Plasma TVs


Motion is how the screen displays fast-moving sequences like an action movie, or fast-paced sports. As video is nothing but still images moving faster than our eye can detect, motion is what determines if the sequence played is smooth or jerky.

Again, plasma TVs excel, with a typically high refresh rate, enabling smoother motion of pictures. While LCD and LED TVs have improved a lot in recent times, plasma TVs have individual cells or sections of cells that can refresh at a much faster rate. Motion is calculated in ‘Hz’, and higher the number, the smoother the sequence will play out. Typically, LCD and LED TVs both have models that feature refresh rates of almost 200Hz, which is extremely good. However, plasma TVs can have refresh rates higher than 480 Hz.

5. Power Consumption



Plasma TVs
This is the amount of electricity that the TV set uses. Obviously the lower this is, the better. While this is often the most ignored point while buying a TV, it should be taken into consideration in the long run, as there is a huge difference in the power consumption of the three technologies.

Since plasma TVs have all of their pixels lit all the time, they consume much more power when compared to LCD and LED TVS. LCD TVs are a little more power efficient, but even in LCD TVs the CCFLs are on all the time. This consumes a lot of power as well, but not as much as plasma screens. In this regard, LEDs are the most power efficient option, as not all the LEDs are on all the time. Individual LEDs are turned off for some sequences, and LEDs are power efficient in any case.

6. Lifespan



Plasma TVs
The lifespan of a TV is also an important factor when it comes to buying one. The lifespan of a TV set is measured in hours, and most manufacturers claim about 100,000 hours of use as a standard lifespan.

LCD screens usually last the longest without deterioration in picture quality and brightness. Plasma screens tend to lose brightness and detail relatively faster than other screens, though manufacturers are trying to combat this problem with various options. Plasmas also suffer from burn-in the earliest among the three. Current technology has almost mitigated this problem; you now face burn-in issues only if you leave your plasma TV on for hours on end, with the same image. This refers to the HUDs inside games. While this problem used to be quite a large one before, it isn’t too much of a bother now.

LED TVs are the newest of the lot, and a lot of heavy testing has not been done, but there are concerns the life of the LEDs themselves may be short, leading to reduction in the lifespan of the TV set. On an average, most manufacturers have all three types of TVs that they claim last for about 100,000 hours of viewing.

7. Price

Plasma TVs


This is often the most important factor that decides which TV to buy. Most TV buyers are ready to compromise on the other factors, if the price is right. That being said, a high price does not always indicate superior quality, but a low price often indicates compromise.

Plasma TVs are the best value for money, but one has to remember that this is because they have been in the market the longest. If you compare the low price of plasmas with the features you get, it soon becomes apparent that you are settling for a compromise. Of course, you might get a plasma TV cheaper than an LCD TV, but if you are purchasing a high-end TV, then the difference in the price will not be too great. LED TVs, on the other hand, are the newest entrant in the market and are priced significantly higher than both LCD TVs and plasma TVs. This is because LED TVs are a newer technology and are not produced at the same volume as LCDs or plasmas.

If price alone is a deciding factor, then you should opt for a plasma TV. At a significantly lower price, you will get the best viewing angles and color reproduction. However, low-priced plasmas are usually not 1080p. Also you run the risk of increased power consumption, burn-in, and shorter lifespan. Also, as LED TVs become mainstream, older technologies might begin to phase out, leaving you with a set that might not be repairable in the future, should anything go wrong.

The best way would be to make your choice on the basis of the other factors, and then consider the price. For example if you are going to place the TV in a very bright room, a plasma will not be suitable, irrespective of the price.

As of writing this, it is really hard to compare the three technologies and choose one as the winner. If seen side by side, LED TVs stand out with superior brightness, clear pictures, and stunning looks. However, the final place of the TV has a huge role play in your decision, among other things. Each of these TVs have positive and negative points, and you really have to decide which of the negatives you are okay with. For a personal recommendation, it sure is hard to beat an LED TV with local dimming.